Male or Female Dog

Deciding whether you want a male or female dog is usually a matter of preference for each person or family.

Like color, breeders prefer to match a dog and its owner according to personality and lifestyle, not whether the poodle is a male or female.

dog apricot poodle puppy sitting

Sometimes, however, the family has already decided on the sex of the poodle pup they want to bring home.

Macho or Princess

If you want to purchase male dogs, they will normally weigh more than the females, maybe 5 pounds more.

Male poodles are manly but not in a macho man sort of way! Females are very ladylike and refined.

We wanted a female and were so happy with our choice! Holly was very much a lady – sophisticated and held her head high with charm, class and dignity!

Spay, Neuter

It’s best to spay and neuter your pet if you aren’t professionally breeding.

Females will have a 3 week long cycle two times a year if not spayed, and should be kept under supervision if going outside to potty.

Male dogs like to pee to mark their territory. Be sure to housebreak them as puppies when they are brought home.

There may be occasions when he attempts to mark his territory indoors as well as outdoors, so proper housebreaking is essential.

one cream colored and one white poodle puppies in a brown wicker basket

Neutering the male can prevent marking and also the urge for him to roam.

Heed Breeder’s Advice

Unless you have a specific preference for a girl or a boy, listen to what the breeder has to say about personality, temperament and lifestyle and how one particular dog may fit the bill over another.

The breeder wants you and your pet to be lifelong, loving best friends and companions, and either a male or female poodle can provide a lifetime of love, loyalty and life enhancement.