Poodle Stories

Please tell us all about your poodle dog or puppy, and we’ll put your poodle stories on our website for everyone to read. It’s easy to leave a comment below and read other visitors’ comments, too.

What kind of personality does he or she have? What makes him or her so special?

Poodles are such smart animals who love to have fun and show us their personalities. Tell us your best stories!

They can be moving, dramatic, amazing or funny. And if you have more than one story, go ahead and write that in the comments too!

As long as they are about a poodle, we’d love to read and publish them.

And other poodle dog lovers around the world will appreciate them, too!

What Makes Your Pooch Special?

Did your dog invent a game that the two of you love to play? Holly invented her own version of hide and seek and we had so much fun playing it!

Did she have a birthday party complete with doggie friends, cake and ice cream?

poodle stories black poodle with snow on his nose

Does she have a favorite piece of furniture that is hers and hers alone?

If so, tell us about it and any other stories you have from that memorable day!

You can also read other visitors’ comments about their poodles.

You can tell us about your dog’s personality, how you met your poodle, how you adopted him or her, what makes him special, or what hobbies or activities you share together.

Tell our readers your stories! If you have amazing pet stories to share, this is the place!

auburn poodle puppy sitting down

Poodle Stories – Get Started

It’s easy to do. Just type your dog story in the comments section below and let other readers get to know your poodle.

Then let thousands of fellow poodle lovers around the world enjoy the story of your cutie pie.

So if you have a great story about your poodle – share it!

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