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We had a cutie pie black toy with some silver mixed in. Her name was Holiday Sunshine – Holly for short.

There’s nothing like a face full of curly locks to brighten your day!

Holly was such a ham! She loved to sit or lay down and have her picture taken!

She’d stare right at the camera and sit very still until her picture was taken!

She definitely was not camera shy and loved to ham it up whenever she saw us get the camera.

Is your poodle like that? They’re so intelligent and like to have their pictures taken just like their owners do!

pictures of poodles one beige poodle trying to wake up in the early morning

Some poodles actually look like they are smiling for the camera.

Actually, they probably are since they are known to have a great sense of humor.

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pictures of poodles two toy white poodles having fun playing and running after each other

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Pictures of Poodles – So Cute!

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