National Dog Show Information

If you’re thinking of getting a poodle as a national dog show dog, talk to your breeder.

Showdogs are bred carefully for generations to produce lineage of dogs that stand out in the ring.

Stars Aren’t Common

But that doesn’t mean every poodle is born a show dog, it’s pretty rare!

Just because show dogs are bred doesn’t mean their puppies are automatic stars.

white standard poodle sitting down

And, to point out a pup and say “she’s a star” is the personal guess of that person.

Noone really knows if a pup of a star will turn into the same star as his or her parent is.

The Look

Judges have certain criteria they look at to award poodles with blue ribbons in shows.

Her ears have to be set a certain way, her tail needs to be not too high or too low, it’s virtually impossible to pick a puppy and turn him into a star!

But choosing a poodle pup will get you a loving and faithful companion. That’s one thing that is certain!

Want a Star?

If you’d like to try for a show dog, talk to local breeders.

Visit dog shows for a look at the poodles who are strutting around the ring.

Talk with the judges and their owners.

Get the information on how and why they chose their pet, how they went about getting her trained, who trained him, what type of poodle grooming and poodle clips she will need to be in shows.

apricot poodle sitting on a table at a dog show

Check it Out

There are different dog show events for each of the poodle sizes.

Talk with your breeder to find out where dog shows are held in your area and visit them for more information.

Also talk with your breeder about getting your poodle registered with the AKC.

Information you can learn from visiting dog shows will help you in your quest for the puppy who can be the star of the show.