Poodle Mix Breeds

Poodle mix breeds and poodle mix puppies – also known as poodle hybrids, have become popular as prospective dog owners want the poodle’s non-shedding coat and intelligence in a dog that is not a pure bred poodle.

Keep in mind that poodle mix breed dogs are not purebred poodles, they are a mix breed dog that has one purebred poodle for one parent and another purebred dog as another parent.

Meet the Breeds

There are 65 mixed breed poodles, also known as designer dogs, listed in alphabetical order by the other breed of dog.

Poodle +


poodle mix breeds schnoodle sitting down

Affenpinscher = Affenpoo
Airedale = Airedoodle
American Eskimo = Pookimo
American Rat terrier poodle mix = Rattle
Australian Shepherd = Aussie-Poo
Australian terrier poodle mix = Terri-Poo


Basset Hound = Bassetoodle
Beagle poodle mix = Poogle
Bernese Mountain Dog = Bernese Mountain Poo
Bichon poodle mix = Poochon
Bolognese = Bolonoodle
Border Collie = Bordoodle
Boston terrier poodle mix = Bossi-Poo
Boxer = Boxerdoodle
Brittany Spaniel = Brittnepoo
Brussels Griffon = Broodle Griffon
Bulldog = Boodle


Cairn terrier poodle mix = Poocan
Catahoula = Pooda Houla
Cavalier King Charles = Cavapoo
Chesapeake Bay Retriever = Chesa-Poo
Poodle chihuahua mix = Wapoo
Chinese Crested = Poochis
Cocker Spaniel = Cock-A-Poo
Collie = Cadoodle
Coton De Tulear = Poo-Ton


off white colored cockapoo sitting down

Dachshund poodle mix = Doodle
Doberman Pinscher = Doodleman Pinscher


English Springer Spaniel = Springerdoodle
English Toy Spaniel = Eng-A-Poo


German Shepherd Dog = Shepadoodle
Golden retriever poodle mix = Goldendoodle
Great Pyrenees = Pyredoodle


Havanese = Poovanese


Irish terrier poodle mix = Irish Troodle
Irish Setter = Irish Doodle
Italian Greyhound = Pootalian


Jack Russell Terrier = Jack-A-Poo
Japanese Chin = Poochin

white and tan labradoodle dog


Labrador Retriever = Labradoodle
Lhasa apso poodle mix = Lhasa-Poo


Maltese poodle mix = Malt-A-Poo
Miniature Pinscher = Pinny-Poo
Miniature Schnauzer = Schnoodle


Papillon = Papi-Poo
Pekingese = Peke-A-Poo
Pomeranian poodle mix = Pom-A-Poo
Pug poodle mix = Pug-A-Poo

cute golden poodle dog outside in the grass lying down


Saint Bernard = Saint Berdoodle
Schipperke = Schipper-Poo
Scottish terrier poodle mix = Scoodle
Shetland Sheepdog = Sheltidoodle
Shiba Inu = Poo-Shi
Shih tzu poodle mix = Shih-Poo
Silky terrier poodle mix = Poolky
Skye terrier poodle mix = Skypoo
Soft Coated Wheaton = Swheat-N-Poo
Standard schnauzer poodle mix = Standard Schnoodle


Toy Australian Shepherd = Aussie-Poo
Toy Fox Terrier poodle mix = Foodle

four white with brown ears maltiepoo puppies


Weimaraner = Weimardoodle
Welsh terrier poodle mix = Woodle
Westie = Wee-Poo
Wire Fox terrier poodle mix = Wire-Poo


Yorkie poodle hybrid = Yorkie-Poo

We hope you find your perfect poodle mix breeds. Dogs are loving companions who are a welcome, loyal, devoted and protective additions to families.