Peekapoos are a cross mix of a pekingese and a poodle.

This hybrid dog is also called a peek a poo and has been around since the 1950’s.

This makes these dogs one of the oldest mixed breeds of the poodle.


The pekingese dog is of average intelligence and harder to housebreak and train.

The peek-a-poo is outgoing, active, loves his independence and can be stubborn.

They can be shy with people they don’t know.

They generally will warm up to strangers, who will become friends for life. It just may take a little bit of time.

Socializing this dog when she is a puppy is important to help them overcome fearfulness and timidness.

peekapoos white peke-a-poo laying on a light brown hardwood floor


  • Affectionate
  • Friendly
  • Harder to train
  • Independent
  • Intelligence
  • Not good with younger kids
  • Outgoing
  • Protective

Size, Coat

Peke-a-poos are less than 15 pounds and less than 9 inches high. Because they are small dogs, they’re better for families with no kids or kids who are older.

There’s a good chance the wavy coat will be hypoallergenic – as they don’t have an undercoat, but if the coat is more Pekingese, it will shed and won’t be good for allergy sufferers.

This designer dog comes in black, brown, apricot, red, silver and white, and lives up to 15 years of age.


They are not extremely active dogs. But be sure to exercise them every day and get them active.

white peekapoo puppy with brown ears laying down looking at a bone

The peke-a-poo, because it is half poodle, may not inherit health problems common to the pekingese such as breathing problems.

Common health problems include heatstroke (from breathing problems), eye problems, hip problems, knee problems and dental problems.

  • This mixed breed may bark more than the other poodle mix breeds do.

Your peekapoo will give you many years of fun, love and laughter as he grows from a puppy into an adult dog.