Dog Bath Accessories

Dog bath accessories made especially for dogs should be used on your poodle at bath time.

Tips and Suggestions

Shampoos and toothpaste made for people should not be used on dogs.

Giving your dog a bath should be done at home at least once a month.

Don’t bathe your pet without brushing her first.

When you bath an unbrushed poodle, her hair will tighten up and get more tangled which will be harder to brush out.

Your pet can be bathed in dog bath tubs, your bathroom tub, a sink or a basin. We bathed Holly in a sink.

To protect her ears from water, put a dry cotton ball in each one. A standard poodle needs a bathtub wash, so put a mat in the tub to prevent slipping.

grey standard poodle getting washed in a bathtub

Bath Time

Use warm, not hot, water and wet the head first, then the ears, back, tail, neck, chest, belly, butt and legs.

Lather up in the same order, avoiding the face and eye area.

Massage the shampoo into her fur. You can use a sponge for the tummy and butt areas. Then rinse in the same order.

Make sure to rinse until all shampoo is gone, if it’s left on her skin it will cause flakes and irritation.

Always use a dog shampoo when you bathe your poodle.

Human shower gels, soap, shampoos and conditioners are too harsh for your poodle’s skin. They remove the protective oils on your dog’s coat.

Between baths to keep your poodle smelling fresh, check at your local pet store for dry bath products.

black toy poodle sitting

They come in spray and powder forms and don’t need to be rinsed out.

Grab your towel and dry him before he leaves the tub. Watch out for the shakers!

Holly loved to shake the excess water out, sometimes before we got the towel on her!

Drying Off

You can either blow her coat dry using a low setting, which is what we normally did, let her air dry, or you can fluff dry her which means you quickly and gently brush her while blow drying.

Start with the head, then do the neck, chest, legs, tail, butt, back and stomach.

If using a blow dryer, hold it far enough away from her skin so it doesn’t burn it and keep it moving around her body.

With the right dog bath accessories, you can make bath time a fun and pleaseant experience for both you and your poodle.

Baths may not be your poodle’s favorite thing to do, but they are a necessity at least once a month.