Golden Poodle Years

Golden poodle years are inevitable.

Dogs, like people, age and health problems ensue.

By being proactive with your senior dog health concerns, older poodles can live their senior years healthy.

Slowing Down

When your pet reaches her senior years she won’t be as spry as she was in her younger years. She will sleep more, eat less, and be less active.

golden poodle years grey poodle

She will still want to be around you, will still love you unconditionally and will still depend on you to protect, love and take care of her.

If you have any dog health care questions, talk to your vet. You want her to be as healthy as possible as she ages.

Ask your vet about senior dog diets or any dietary concerns you have.

Also ask your vet to check her blood each year. This can help prevent future health problems and catch illness early.

Age 7

Vets say your poodle reaches her senior years when she turns 7.

The hair on her face and paws may turn gray, she starts to sleep longer, she doesn’t eat as much as she used to, she doesn’t want to play as much, and she’s slow to respond to your calling her.

By being proactive with her health throughout her life, taking her to the vet for regular checkups, religiously cleaning her teeth, eyes and ears, you can have a senior poodle in relatively good health besides the normal aches and pains of getting older.

Still Your Faithful Companion

Aging is never pleasant for us humans, and it’s certainly not pleasant to see our beloved poodles get old. But there will come a time when you’ll have to make choices if she becomes very ill.

pretty white standard poodle with green ribbons in its ears

Lavish as much love and affection on her as you can, forgive her bouts of forgetfulness, her clumsiness, her inability to walk, see and hear as well as she used to.

While grieving your poodle is extremely hard, there are resources that can help get you through the pain of loss.

Your older pet may need more potty breaks. Let her out every 3 or 4 hours.

If you notice incontinence, call your vet. It could be weak bladder muscles or a bladder infection.

Your dog’s golden poodle years can be the best years of her life.

She may slow down a bit, but she’ll still be your best friend and look to you for love and guidance.