Dog Health and Nutrition

Poodle dog health and nutrition is foremost in our minds.

Wouldn’t it be nice to save hundreds of dollars in vet bills by treating your pet at home?

Poodles, like people, get sick. They get allergies and infections just like humans.

Sometimes their illnesses require them to take medications. And these meds can have harmful side effects, just like human medications do.

We want dog health and nutrition information that is up to date and pertinent.

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If you’d like to learn how to treat your pet’s sicknesses naturally, I recommend The Spirit of Animal Healing, an eBook that reveals underlying causes of your pet’s health problems and gives you solutions to help your poodle live a longer and healthier life.

It’s written by a veterinarian.

Natural Treatments

If you’re concerned the medications you give your poodle are only treating the symptoms and not the real problem and may have serious side effects, the underlying causes of your dog’s health problems aren’t being addressed, you’re looking for safer treatments for your pet, and want to be proactive in your poodle dog health and nutrition, this book can help.

You’ll learn about natural, safe and effective treatment programs that avoid the use of toxic medications.

Only treating your pet’s symptoms does not heal your pet; it suppresses the symptoms and could cause more serious disease or symptoms.

This book empowers you with powerful information so you aren’t dependent on others for your pet’s health.

You’ll learn how to identify the real causes of your pet’s health problems along with real solutions to heal her with professionally experienced and clinically validated treatment programs used by dog owners around the world.


There’s information to eradicate your dog’s health problems with tested naturopathic treatment protocols for common illnesses, what dog health supplements to give your poodle, nutritional information, integrative remedies and harmful treatments, cutting edge therapies, the truth about vaccinations, and much more.

red poodle with his feet groomed sitting down

If you have any dog health care questions, The Spirit of Animal Healing gives you cutting edge information, and shows you how to heal your pet, covers the real causes of your dog’s health issues, gives you nutritional advice, nutrient therapies and more to restore balance to your poodle’s health.

Naturopathic healing’s philosophy is that the body can heal itself. This eBook shows you how to bring your dog’s health back into balance.

Reverse Imbalances

Disease is a sign of imbalance, and this book helps you identify the cause of your poodle’s imbalance and help you reverse it. Be proactive in your puppy or senior dog health care.

If you have a sick puppy or adult dog, “The Spirit of Animal Healing” will give you advice to help you treat the real causes of his health problems and advice on how to give them effective relief from their ailments.

This helps your beloved pet to have a better quality of life and can help extend his life as well. Which means more time with your beloved poodle.