Poodle Dog Breed Selector

You love poodle breeds and want some dog breed selector information.

Perfect Companion

You want to make a poodle a permanent part of your home but you want to make sure this dog is a good fit for your lifestyle.

They can fit in nicely to a family, depending on your family status and the amount of time you have to spend with a new puppy or rescue poodle.

Maybe you want toy poodle information to see if this is a fit for your family.

Or you want information to see if a bigger dog is right for your lifestyle.

The Right Size

Poodles come in a couple of different sizes, and you need to take those sizes into account according to your family status.

auburn colored cute poodle puppy baby laying on the floor

Are you single, married with no kids or do you have young or teenage children at home? The answers to those questions can help with picking a dog size.


If you want to rescue standard poodle puppies, you can find out more about the poodle dog personalities and see if they’re a fit with your personality.

Or maybe you saw a miniature poodle for sale and want to find out more about the poodle dog characteristics before you decide to bring your new friend home.

Finding Your New Pet

And where should you go to even find a dog? Local dog breeders are usually the best choice if you want a puppy.

If you want an adult dog, your local animal shelter or rescue association can help you find a dog who needs a good home.

two white and one cream colored poodle on a beige chair

A reputable and loving breeder will ask you questions to make sure a poodle is the right dog for you. And there are questions you need to ask the breeder, too.

Check at dog shows or with friends or family who have poodles. There are teacup, miniature, standard and toy poodle breeders so you can choose the right size.

Poodles need groomed as they are non shedding dogs, so factor in extra costs to maintain your poodle’s coat, nails, eyes, teeth and ears every six to eight weeks.

Keep that in mind when you’re reading about the dog breed selector information.

Long Time Friend

Poodles are loving and loyal companions. Take time to pick a dog that will be the best fit for your family.

You will have a companion dog who will be by your side as you travel through life together.